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Q. Can Microcyde™ be used on any part of the body?
A. Microcyde Cleaner and Lotion can be used on any external skin portion of your body.

Q. Can I use Microcyde on my child?
A. Yes, It is safe for use on children over six months old.

Q. Children put their hands in their mouth. Will Microcyde cause a problem?
A. It is completely safe if your child puts their hand in their mouth. In fact, the active ingredient in Microcyde has never had an adverse reaction reported to the FDA.

Q. Will the Microcyde Skin Cleaner or Lotion be harsh on my skin?
A. Microcyde Products are formulated with ingredients that are good for your skin. Some users of lotions and soaps may show some sensitivity. If this happens discontinue use of the product.

Q. Can Microcyde be used if I have eczema?
A. Yes it can. If you have fungal eczema, Microcyde will help clear it up. If you have non-fungal eczema, Microcyde Lotion will help soften the skin cells to help your skin feel smoother.

Q. Is Microcyde approved by the FDA?
A. Microcyde formulations meet all the stringent requirements for antimicrobial skin cleaners in the FDA monograph Microcyde provides a quick kill and long lasting effects against a wide variety of disease causing pathogens.

Q. I apply Microcyde Lotion three times daily. My job requires frequent hand washing. Should I re-apply the lotion?
A. In general it is best to re-apply the Lotion after every other hand washing. The Lotion is water-soluble and will be removed with frequent washing.

Q. Can Microcyde Lotion be used on cuts and breaks in the skin?
A. Microcyde Skin Cleaner and Lotion are very effective in preventing infection, including the "flesh eating" bacteria

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Powerful Skin Care

Protection from bacteria including--- Staph infection MRSA Virus protection HIV, Influenza --- & many more infectious diseases

Includes emollients for complete skin care.

Widely used by health care professionals

Used by teachers for protection in the classroom

Athletes---for treatment or prevention of athletes foot fungus

Public Safety Personnel

Anyone in public places.

Use for routine skin care

Prevention is Better than cure !

Portable protection and skin care.

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