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Hospital Strength Disinfectants

Registered with the US EPA as effective against Hepatitis B virus (HBV) when used as directed...

MICROCYDE Hard Surface Disinfectant

Is safe for use on food contact surfaces. After gross material is removed, the surface is wetted with the Disinfectant and allowed to stay wet for a minimum of ten minutes. No wiping is necessary as product air-dries. Solution comes as a concentrate to be diluted at a rate of 1:128 (1 oz per gallon).

MICROCYDE Hard Surface Cleaner & Disinfectant

A one step cleaner and disinfectant that is effective in killing HIV, HBV, and many other viruses, bacteria, yeast and molds. This formulation contains surfactants for cleaning up gross debris and may not be used on food contact surfaces.

Typical uses for Microcyde Disinfectants

Hospital and clinical environments:
Floors, Walls Ceilings, Furniture, Equipment, Laboratories, Toilets, Baths, Showers, Treatment rooms, Reception areas, Isolation wards, areas with Immunosupressed patients.

Schools, Nursing Homes, Military Installations, Corrections Facilities.

Food Processing Plants:
Food and non-food contact formulations.

Hospitality Industry:
Food preparation and processing areas.

Transportation Industry:
All public facilities

Office environment:
Phones, keyboards, toilets

Other uses for Microcyde™ Surface Disinfectants:
Sanitizes and deodorizes--- Laundry Carpets Upholstered surfaces

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Powerful Skin Care

Protection from bacteria including--- Staph infection MRSA Virus protection HIV, Influenza --- & many more infectious diseases

Includes emollients for complete skin care.

Widely used by health care professionals

Used by teachers for protection in the classroom

Athletes---for treatment or prevention of athletes foot fungus

Public Safety Personnel

Anyone in public places.

Use for routine skin care

Prevention is Better than cure !

Portable protection and skin care.

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