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The World Health Organization (W.H.O.) advise using the active ingredient in Microcyde for protection in a SARS contaminated enviromment. SARS likely to return before year end ---W.H.O.

While SARS cases are reported to be in decline. W.H.O. is also suggesting that SARS may re-appear in the next flu season (fall of this year). Our own staff suggest that it is likely that SARS is being carried by asymptomatic hosts and the virus will likely re-appear in a variant form in the time frame suggested by W.H.O. . from WHO...

"Disinfecting the cabin or quarters occupied by a suspect or probable SARS case

Note: chloro meta xylenol and PCMX are the same chemical.

Cleaning and hygiene staff should be well-briefed on infection control. Precautionary procedures should be observed when cleaning and disinfecting the isolation area(s) (ward, cabin room, or quarters) of the SARS patient. Persons cleaning the isolation area(s) should wear adequate personal protection (gloves, protective face mask5 , eye protection, disposable outer garments). These areas should be disinfected with sodium hypochlorite (bleach) and formalin9 , chloro meta xylenol, or an equivalent product. All surfaces and objects that the patient may have touched should be specifically targeted for cleaning. Materials, such as sheets and towels that have been used by the possible SARS case, should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. All cleaning equipment should be disinfected after use. Areas contaminated by body fluids from the suspect case (e.g. vomitus) should not be vacuumed unless a HEPA filter vacuum is available. Wet mopping with a disinfectant cleaner (hard surfaces) or steam cleaning (carpets) is recommended."

another mention:

"Disinfecting the cabin or quarters occupied by SARS patient

The cabin or quarters occupied by a SARS patient, should be disinfected with sodium hypochlorite (bleach) and formalin 1 or chloro meta xylenol (see WHO Guide to Hygiene and Sanitation in Aviation). All surfaces that the patient may have touched should be specifically targeted for cleaning. Thoroughly rinse and clean housekeeping equipment after use in the cabin or quarters of the SARS patient."

1. Hand hygiene is the single most important procedure for preventing the transmission of AROs. (antibiotic resistant organisms) 2. Evidence suggests that the removal of AROs from hands with soap/detergent and water is less effective than with the application of an antiseptic agent...

In one study, hospital-acquired infections were reduced 25% by handwashing with soap plus antiseptic compared to a control group who washed with soap alone.7"

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Powerful Skin Care

Protection from bacteria including--- Staph infection MRSA Virus protection HIV, Influenza --- & many more infectious diseases

Includes emollients for complete skin care.

Widely used by health care professionals

Used by teachers for protection in the classroom

Athletes---for treatment or prevention of athletes foot fungus

Public Safety Personnel

Anyone in public places.

Use for routine skin care

Prevention is Better than cure !

Portable protection and skin care.

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